ETAI 2015 – XII International Conference

ETAI 2015 is the 12th in the series of thematic conferences organized by the Society for ETAI of the Republic of Macedonia. Previously, ETAI conferences were held in ’82, ’85, ’89, ’93, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013. Traditionally, ETAI conferences have been held in the ambient of the exceptional natural beauty and cultural heritage of Ohrid area, protected by the UNESCO.

Following its interdisciplinary character, the scope of the Conference is rather broad. Its purpose is to present state of the art and advance both the theoretical and applied aspects in the areas of Electronics, Telecommunications, Automation and Informatics. The goal of the Conference is to provide a forum for sharing knowledge and experience among experts from both academic institutions and business/industry enterprises in the areas of Electronics, Telecommunications, Automation and Informatics. Thus, it is expected that the Conference will provide a setting for discussion on different concepts, methods and technologies for the benefit of advancing these areas in the country and wider.


Prof. Goce Arsov


Miroslav Jovanovic, prof. Mile Stankovski.

Plenary Talks

We are proud to announce the plenary speakers for ETAI 2015:

Plenary talks

We are proud to announce the round tables at ETAI 2015:


  1. Entrepreneurship
    1. Jasminka Popovska, Director of Fund for Innovations and Technology Development,
    2. Irena Chaushevska, Co-Founder & CEO of New man’s business accelerator,
    3. Dr. Nikola Serafimovski, Director of Product Marketing at pureLiFi

  2. Cyber Security
    1. Marjan Stoilkovski, Ministry of Internal Affairs,
    2. Mane Piperevski, Data security expert,
    3. Stevica Josifovski, Lawyer


ETAI – Society for Electronics, Telecommunications, Automation and Informatics of the Republic of Macedonia

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