The conference ETAI 2021 (23-24 September) will be held virtually!
The conference is free of charge, no conference fees.

ETAI conferences are conferences organized by ETAI Society and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at University Ss. “Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje, North Macedonia

They are the biggest international meetings of the experts from scientific and business community of the Republic of Macedonia and the region in the areas of Electronics, Telecommunications, Automatics and Informatics. ETAI 2021 is the fourteenth in series of thematic conferences and this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic will be held virtually instead of the traditional ambient of the exceptional natural beauty and cultural heritage of Ohrid area, protected by the UNESCO.

Following its interdisciplinary character, the main goal of the ETAI 2021 is to bring together researchers and practitioners to present, discuss and further develop views on conference’s hot topics: Smart cities solutions, Internet of Things, Digital economy, Cyber security and Big data. The key intention is to create a forum where theoretical and practical experiences can be exchanged and presented to the public sector as well as to private one, and improve mutual cooperation through joint projects.


The ETAI 2021 Conference will be held Online
NEW!!! The Agenda for the Conference ETAI 2021 has been published!


Publication of selected papers in the Journal of Applied Science

Selected papers will be published free of charge in international journal which will be announced later.

Publication of selected papers in the journal JEEIT

Other selected papers will be published free of charge in the Journal of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies – JEEIT (ISSN 2545 4250).

Publication of all accepted papers

All accepted papers will be published in the ETAI 2021 proceedings.

Our honored plenary speakers

Some of the ETAI conference speakers

Young researcher speakers

Conference Schedule

Full list of the topics and authors who will speak



23.09.2021 – Thursday

Day Time Virtual room 1 Virtual room 2 Virtual room 3
THURSDAY, 23. IX 2021p 09:30-11:00 Session 1 Session 2
(Circuits and systems) (Cyber security and Mathematics)
Zoom Link Zoom Link
ID: 943 9993 9052 Pass:ETAI_1 ID: 962 3612 0428 Pass:ETAI_2
11:00-11:30 Conference Opening
Zoom Link ID: 935 5274 2669 Pass:ETAI_OPEN
11:30-12:15 Plenary lecture 1
Prof. Peng Shi (Formation Control Design for Multi-agent Systems)
Zoom Link ID: 935 5274 2669 Pass:ETAI_OPEN
12:15-13:00 Plenary lecture 2
Prof. Matjaz Gams (Is Web Transforming Our Minds and Where is Our Civilisation Going to?)
Zoom Link ID: 935 5274 2669 Pass:ETAI_OPEN
13:00-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-15:00 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5
(Control systems and automation) (eHealth) (Communication networks – 5G)
Zoom Link Zoom Link Zoom Link
ID: 990 6823 4264 Pass:ETAI_3 ID: 955 0609 0111 Pass:ETAI_4 ID: 921 5973 7239 Pass:ETAI_5
15:00-16:30 Round Table 1: e-Heath and Pervasive Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities (moderator Dr. Hristijan Gjoreski)
Zoom Link ID:875 7839 0402

23.09.2021 – Friday

Day Time Virtual room 1 Virtual room 2 Virtual room 3
FRIDAY, 24. IX 2021 10:00-10:45 Plenary lecture 3
Prof. Janusz Kacprzyk (Human-in-the-loop AI in decision and control systems: the role of linguistic data summaries)
Zoom Link ID: 982 1242 8400 Pass:ETAI_PLEN
10:45-11:30 Plenary lecture 4
Dr. Tome Eftimov (Modern approaches for Benchmarking in Evolutionary Computation)
Zoom Link ID: 982 1242 8400 Pass:ETAI_PLEN
11:30-12:00 Coffee Break
12:00-13:30 Session 6 Session 7 Session 8
(Instrumentation & Measurements) (Cloud and IoT technologies) (Artificial intelligence in Automation)
Zoom Link Zoom Link Zoom Link
ID: 959 4581 0574 Pass:ETAI_6 ID: 985 2669 6825 Pass:ETAI_7 ID: 941 5568 8584 Pass:ETAI_8
13:30-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-15:30 Session 9 Session 10
(Communication technologies) (Artificial intelligence in Biomedicine)
Zoom Link Zoom Link
ID: 979 4445 2721 Pass:ETAI_9 ID: 963 3489 3306 Pass:ETAI_10
15:30-17:00 Round Table 2: Next generation wireless communications – Opportunities and challenges for IoT
(moderator Dr. Ljupco Jorguseski)
Zoom Link ID: 910 8233 3630 Pass:ETAI_ROUND
17:00-17:30 Closing ceremony
ETAI 40th anniversary celebration
Best paper awards
Zoom Link ID: 934 1811 1014 Pass:ETAI_CLOSE

Conference Topics

The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

Signal Processing
Engineering in Medicine and Biology
Instrumentation and Measurements
Consumer Electronics
Circuits and Systems
Embedded Systems
Power Electronics
Semiconductor Devices
Nano-electronics and Nanotechnology
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Antennas and Propagation
Laser and Electrooptics
Optimal Communications
Communication and Information Theory
Wireless and Mobile Communications
Advanced Acces Technologies
Telecommunication Policies and Regulations
Project Management
Internet & IP Technologies
Cyber Security
Modeling and Simulation
Control Systems
Control Theory
System Engineering
Intelligent Systems and Control
Robotics and Automation
Artificial Intelligence
Data Mining and Machine Learning
Big Data and Data Sciences
Databases and Information Systems
Computer Architecture
Reliability of Computer Systems
Distributed Processing
Software Engineering
Cloud Computing
Virtual Environments
Gaming and Entertainment
Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Special session

We are happy to announce that as part of the ETAI 2021 conference, there will be a Special Session on eHealth and Pervasive Health. This session will host all the papers on the relevant eHealth topics, including:
– Data driven eHealth
– Pervasive health
– Machine Learning for eHealth
– Statistical approaches for eHealth
– Data visualizations and statistical analysis for eHealth
The session is supported by the European WideHealth TWINNING Project. As part of the session there will be a round table, where academia and industry experts will share their ideas and discuss the current and future trends in the field.

Instructions for the oral presentation

1. Each presenter is allocated ten (10) minutes for his/hers oral presentation with additional five (5) minutes for audience questions and answers time.
2. All presentations should be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, or other suitable alternative format and preferably in English.
3. The presentations are running on the presenter’s computer so it must contain the necessary software to run it (e.g. Microsoft Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader).
4. Please meet the session host in your virtual room fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of your session in order to test your presentation and help you overcoming other issues you may have.

Important dates

Deadline for paper submission: 15.07.2021
Notification of acceptance: 10.08.2021
Camera – ready: 20.08.2021
Conference dates: September 23 – 24, 2021

The papers are submitted through the following link

ETAI 2021 English paper template

Professional papers

ETAI2021 accepts professional and applicative papers in a form of single-page extended abstract. Deadline for submission of professional papers is 15.08.2021. The professional paper template is attached in the following link. The procedure for submission of professional papers is the same as the procedure for regular papers at ETAI 2021.

Organization & Chairs


Nikola Ljushev, CEO Makedonski Telekom


Pece Nedelkovski, ICS Consulting/Engineering


Prof. Goran Stojanovski, PhD

Organizing Committee

Program Committee

Honorary Committee

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